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Laura Watilo Blake is an experienced magazine editor, travel journalist, visual artist and communications consultant with more than 15 years of experience in writing, editing, graphic design, digital video and photography for traditional and online media.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Blake currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. She completed her graduate degree in media management at Kent Sate University. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from the University of Missouri.


What's your story?
Getting to know the friendly people in La Boca, a colorful neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What makes me tick is what makes you tick.

Being a journalist is a lot like being a cultural anthropologist; the only difference is that I spend far less time (unfortunately) with my subjects. However, it's my passion to find out what makes someone or something special. I've discovered that everyone has an interesting story to tell, whether they know it or not.

The story of my professional career started taking shape when I was a child (although I was briefly sidetracked by a desire to be a professional baseball player for the Kansas City Royals). One of the daily rituals I remember fondly as kid was sitting on my grandpa's lap as he flipped through the pages of National Geographic. I would stare at the fascinating people looking back at me. I was completely riveted.

The curiosity my grandfather nurtured combined with my dad's interest in photography led me to pursue a degree in photojournalism that has taken me to the far reaches of the globe, where I continue to revel in our differences and marvel at our similarities.

When a photo of mine first appeared in a National Geographic publication, I finally felt things had come full circle. I only wish my grandfather could have seen my accomplishment.

Today, I continue to tell stories, both visually and in written form. As a media-versatile journalist and visual artist, I produce content for both traditional and online media. And as an experienced magazine editor, I am adept at conceptualizing and implementing story ideas that are told on multiple levels over multiple platforms. Close attention is paid to using visuals that best illustrate a story without overpowering or obscuring the message.

When I'm not at work, I'm exploring the world, which always helps to reinvigorate my creative juices. Some of my adventures have included hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, traversing the Sahara Desert by camel, sand boarding at the Huacachina oasis in Peru, and flying through the air with the greatest of ease at Trapeze School in New York City.

Welcome to the design and photography portfolio of Cleveland, Ohio freelance graphic designer, photographer and travel writer Laura Watilo Blake,
who specializes in lifestlye, food, entertainment and soft adventure and cultural travel writing and photography.

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